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There was a time in the not so distant past when the Mahoning County Republican Party made much of the fact that the county Democratic Party ran political hacks for elective offices that demanded more than a cursory understanding of government. Local GOPers were particularly critical of the Democrats who served as county prosecutor, treasurer and auditor.

The fact that corruption was also the hallmark of local Democratic rule strengthened the argument of the Republican Party that a better caliber of officeholder was necessary to restore the public’s faith in government.

But reading county GOP bigwig Mark Munroe’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s Vindicator, it’s clear that qualifications for positions that demand specific expertise are no longer a priority — or a requirement.

Munroe’s defense of the Republican nominee for county auditor, Tracey Winbush, is so weak as to be laughable. He would have been better off saying nothing.

Munroe was responding to a Vindicator editorial that said Winbush was not qualified to be auditor, seeing as how she lacked a college degree in accounting or related field and the work experience that would enable her to serve effectively in the position.

Political parties have a responsibility to find the best and the brightest to run for elective office. The county GOP would today be slamming the Democrats if they nominated a person with Winbush’s credentials.

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