Beware of Greeks bearing candles


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Harry MeshelSo, what was Harry Meshel doing with a lighted candle at the July 1 installation of Youngstown State University's new president, Dr. Cynthia Anderson?

Was the member of the university's board of trustees praying for Anderson's success, seeing as how he was one of her most ardent supporters during the presidential selection process? No, he wasn't.

Rather, Meshel, the veteran Valley politico and former president of the Ohio Senate, was conducting an exorcism of sorts to make sure that former university President Dr. David Sweet is gone forever.

Needless to say, the lighted candle (with the wax dripping on Meshel's hand) caused some chatter at the event. One person who asked the trustee about it pointed out that even though Sweet had driven off into the sunset, his portrait was hanging in DeBartolo Hall. To which Meshel quipped, "That's why I'm facing in that direction."

It's no secret that Meshel and Sweet never got along. The trustee felt the former president rode roughshod over the board and did not understand that trustees weren't there to rubberstamp his proposals or to do his bidding.

Today, Meshel is celebrating Anderson's presidency — as can be seen in his Letter to the Editor to be published in Sunday's Vindicator.

But, Anderson may want to beware of Greeks bearing gifts. They could become candles.


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