Gov.-elect Kasich to unions: Drop dead


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries"> Untitled document

Not only is Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich intent on dismantling Ohio’s collective bargaining law, he also wants to find a way of preventing public employees from striking. Kasich, who led a Republican sweep of November’s statewide elections, has declared war on public employee unions in Ohio.

Come January, the GOP will be in control of the governor’s office, the General Assembly and all the statewide administrative offices — and there will be no stopping Kasich.

Elections have consequences, and when the Democrats decided to sit on their hands rather than come out in force for Gov. Ted Strickland and the party ticket, they ceded control of the state to the Republicans.

And the pro-business agenda the GOP will pursue will undoubtedly pose a challenge to the pro-union Democrats. Indeed, the labor unions, especially those representing public employees, will be put to the test.

Given the growing discontent among private sector taxpayers over the public sector’s insatiable appetite for money — most of it going for salaries, benefits and very lucrative pensions — Kasich will find a lot of support for his push against the collective bargaining law. In fact, elected officials throughout Ohio could well become his most ardent backers for his initiative. After all, many have experienced the negative effects of arbitrators ordering pay raises without regard to the economic hardships they create.

Kasich has declared war on the once-powerful labor unions.  It’s going to be a bloody 2011.

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