What would you pay the two women?


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Cindy Stankoski and Vanessa Stout want more than the $200,000 — a lot more, in fact — the state of Ohio is offering to settle sexual harrassment complaints they filed against Anthony Gutierrez when all three were working in the Ohio Attorney General's Office. Stankoski and Stout went public with their complaints that ultimately brought down Attorney General Marc Dann and members of his inner circle, including Gutierrez.

The lawyer for the women, who admitted that they had no specific qualifications when they were hired by Gutierrez, who was director of general services, rejected a $200,000 offer from the state and is sticking to his $900,000 demand — plus attorney's fees.

Since Dann of Liberty Township resigned in shame, Nancy Rogers, dean of the Ohio State University law school, has been acting AG. This week, Richard Cordray, who has served as state treasurer, will be sworn in as the state's top lawyer.

It will be up to Cordray to decide whether two women who got their jobs by virtue of their friendship with Gutierrez, and not because they were qualified in any way to work in the state's largest law firm, should walk away with a cool $1 million of taxpayer money.

What is the going rate for such women who claim sexual harrassment?

What would you pay?

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