Sarah Palin's Kenyan connection


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by Bertram de Souza (Contact)   | 306 entries


Like Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, the Republican nominee for vice president, Sarah Palin, has a connection to Kenya, the East African nation that right-wing GOPers had claimed was a Muslim country — until the Palin link became public.

Obama's father was from Kenya — but was a student in the United States when he met Obama's mother, a white woman from Kansas. However, Republicans have tried to scare ignorant voters by claiming that the Democrat is really a Muslim and not a Christian because his middle name is Hussein and his father was from a foreign country. 

But then the Sarah Palin story reared its ugly head and Obama's African roots disappeared from the GOP's talking points. Why? Because the Alaskan governor's pastor, the man she credits with helping her achieve the office, is named Thomas Muthee, a native of Kenya. Muthee isn't just any other Christian evangelist. He's a witch hunter. (Do a Google search for "Sarah Palin and her Kenyan pastor" and get all the juicy details.)

Muthee actually forced a woman to flee a village in Kenya after he convinced the natives that she was a witch responsible for a whole bunch of bad things. But his preoccupation with witchcraft wasn't confined to Kenya.

During one of his visits to Wasilla, Alaska, Muthee conducted a church service that included the laying of hands on Palin, who had served as mayor and was thinking about running for governor. As part of the service, the African pastor called on Jesus Christ to protect Palin from witchcraft.

That may explain why she has kept the mainstream media at arm's length. They're all a bunch of witches, you see.

Remember how the Republicans were warning about Obama's religious connections? Palin's witch-buster has taken care of that stupidity.


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