Why Lisa Antonini should resign


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by Bertram de Souza (Contact)   | 306 entries


Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairwoman Lisa Antonini has proved to be one of the most inept party leaders in the state of Ohio, and has become a major political embarrassment for the Mahoning Valley. She should resign — before she makes another blunder like the one this week.

Antonini wrote a letter to Democrats in the Ohio Senate that threatened political retaliation if they did not bow to the wishes of the county party's executive committee in selecting a replacement for Sen. John Boccieri. The Senate's Democratic caucus responded with a major stuff it. Atty. Joe Schiavoni, a political newcomer, was selected over the three individuals recommended by Antonini's executive committee, David Engler, Robert Lidle and Dan Yemma.

Talk about a brush off.

This defeat, coming so soon after she was publicly repudiated by county Democratic voters in the race for prosecutor, shows just how ineffective and powerless the chairwoman has become. There is only one thing left for Antonini to do — resign.

It's time the Mahoning County Democratic Party rebuilt its reputation, and that won't happen so long as it led by someone with little understanding of big-time politics.

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