Was it Victoria's Secret?


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


In detailing the sexual harassment allegations made by two female employees of the Ohio Attorney General's Office against Anthony Gutierrez of Liberty, a political appointee of Attorney General Marc Dann's earning $87,000 a year, The Columbus Dispatch shed light on a unique way Dann conducts official business.

Based on the written complaint filed by one of the women, Cindy Stankoski, 26, The Dispatch reported that less than three weeks after she was hired, Gutierrez, a neighbor of Dann's in Liberty, pressed her to have a drink with him after work. The newspaper reported that Gutierrez took Stankoski to two downtown bars and to a steakhouse. While there, Gutierrez received a call from Dann urging both of them to come to the condo he was sharing at the time with Gutierrez and Leo Jennings III, the AG's communications chief.

The newspaper reported that when they got to the condo, Dann's scheduler, Jessica Utovich, was there. According to Stankoski's complaint, Utovich "walked in w. pj's and laptop" and lay down on the floor to work on her computer.

Here's how Jennings, another Valley resident, explained Utovich's presence in the condo: He told the newspaper that staffers, including Utovich, occasionally visited the condo, but only for work-related purposes: "She was there to deliver schedules."

Thus the question: Were the pajamas she was wearing from Victoria's Secret? If they were, it would explain a lot, given that the world-famous lingerie chain has a line of lounge wear, such as pajamas, that are popular with women who take their work home.

The other question that Utovich's presence in the condo triggers is this: Was Dann dressed in a smoking jacket (a la Hef —Hugh Hefner)?


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