Do you care if they're happy?


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


It seems that many employees of Youngstown State University are unhappy. That's according to the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation "Campus Climate" Survey, which found that morale at YSU is low. The commission arrived at this conclusion after analyzing the results of a campus climate survey of faculty, staff and administrators.

Thus, today, the campus is abuzz with the "M" word. Union officials have held a news conference to discuss the results of the survey, while YSU President Dr. David Sweet has seen fit to write a five-page letter to the faculty and staff giving his side. (A news story on "campus climate" survey was published this week by The Jambar, the college newspaper. Dr. Sweet's letter can be found by accessing the attachment below.)

But seeing as how the folks at YSU ultimately work for you who pay tuition and you who pay taxes, the following questions must be asked: Do you care if the faculty, staff and administrators are happy? Does it matter to you that they aren't holding hands singing "Kumbaya?"

If you have a private sector job, when was the last time your boss came to you and asked "Are you happy? Is there anything I can do to improve morale in the workplace?"

For many workers, a simple rule applies: You get paid to do a job, so do it. If it's happiness you're seeking, join an ashram.

Click here to read the entire letter from YSU President David Sweet.

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