It isn't only about the bright lights


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


A visitor from the Mahoning Valley walking along the famous Las Vegas Strip is struck not by the throngs of people from around the world or the unusual garish? architecture of the hotel/casinos, but by the construction cranes. The skyline of the land of pleasure seekers and dreamers is dotted with huge cranes that tell the story of an economic buzz with no end in sight.

The sign, "Caution, erection of crane in progress," is just as common as ones featuring Las Vegas showgirls or headliners at hotspots. The glitter of Vegas is no longer about the lights adorning the Strip. It's about the influx of thousands of new residents each month, the demand for skilled and unskilled workers and the alternative to Florida for many well-heeled retirees.

There's a vibrancy that the Mahoning Valley 0nce experienced decades ago.

The lesson to be learned from Vegas? You can build castles in the sand.

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