What's the appropriate punishment?


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


If the five thugs who attacked a couple from Hubbard early Monday morning in Youngstown are arrested and convicted, time in jail or a fine and probation won't bring about the change in attitude these individuals obviously need.

This case calls for creative sentencing. Here's one: Seeing as how the thugs are so eager to use their fists, each of them should be ordered to get in the boxing ring with Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik. They would be given gloves but not head protectors. Pavlik would be told not to pull his punches. The vermin certainly didn't when they attacked the couple, who told police that all they did was blow their horn because the car containing the five refused to move when the traffic light at Logan Avenue and Gypsy Lane changed to green.

Such a creative sentence would not only send a message to other thugs in the city who prey on the innocent, but could be a financial boon for government.

The bouts could be held in the Chevrolet Centre and the city could sell tickets. Is there any doubt the event would be a sellout?

To be fair, the five could be given a choice: Face Pavlik in the ring, or sign up for military service. Either would be character-building.

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