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On Aug, 11, The Vindicator published a letter from former Mahoning County Treasurer John Reardon (now a state official) defending his opposition to the Job and Family Services' move from the McGuffey Mall to Oakhill Renaissance Place. In the letter, Reardon challenged the belief that he was doing the bidding of the owners of McGuffey Mall, the Cafaro Co.

After the letter was published, county Prosecutor Paul Gains, who defended county government against a taxpayer lawsuit filed by the Cafaro Co. in an effort to block the relocation of JFS, made available a copy of Reardon's sworn testimony during the trial.

Why keep focusing on this issue, given that county government defeated the Cafaro Co.? Because taxpayers need to know why Reardon and other county officials were in regular contact with Cafaro officials when the company was in a legal battle with county government.

An elected official must serve only one master. Who were Reardon, Commissioner John McNally, Auditor Michael Sciortino and Treasurer Lisa Antonini serving?

Read the former treasurer's testimony by clicking on the link below and decide for yourself. Other documents pertaining to the Cafaro lawsuit will be featured in this blog in subsequent weeks.

Reardon's Testimony (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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