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Millionaire businessman J.J. Cafaro's daughter, Capri, and millionaire businessman Charlie Wilson's son, Jason, are on their way to becoming state senators, and in so doing offer incontrovertible proof that if you're rich there's no such thing as losing.

Apart from their wealthy lifestyles, Capri Cafaro, who will replace Marc Dann as the 32nd District senator, and Jason, who will succeed his father in the 30th District, have this in common: They both carry the "Loser" label. Cafaro is a two-time loser for a congressional seat; Wilson lost his job in his father's congressional campaign because he could not even ensure 50 valid signatures on petitions that would have enabled Charlie Wilson to run in the Democratic primary for the 6th Congressional District race.

And yet, Capri Cafaro and Jason Wilson will soon have the title "senator" in front of their names. They were selected Tuesday by Democrats in the Ohio Senate.

All together now, "The sun will come out tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

There'll be sun ..."

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