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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


Has Marc Dann, the slayer of all things Republicans during the grueling election campaign, gone squiggy now that he has won the race for attorney general? Certainly seems that way with the press release his campaign sent out Wednesday. Here's what it said:

(Liberty Twp.)- Today just after 3 p.m., Ohio Auditor Betty Montgomery called Attorney General-Elect Marc Dann to concede Tuesday's election.

"Auditor Montgomery was gracious and lovely,'"Dann said. "She told me that I can call on her for support and help."

Dann said he was pleased that Montgomery called.

During remarks he made to supporters Tuesday night, Dann pointed out the many contributions that Montgomery has made to the state during her many years of public service, including her fine work with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Dann said Montgomery told him that she did not call Tuesday night to concede because she went to sleep before the results were tallied.

"I look forward to working with Auditor Montgomery and all people - regardless of their political affiliation," Dann said. "What we must focus on in the Ohio Attorney General's office has nothing to do with partisan politics. We have serious work to do."

Dann will be meeting with current Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro in Columbus Thursday afternoon and will begin meeting with staff members soon.

And politicians wonder why the voters look upon them with such disdain. During the campaign, Dann all but called Montgomery the Wicked Witch of the Ohio Republican Party, but now she's "gracious and lovely."

Next thing you know, Dann will be sipping tea from a bone china cup with his little finger sticking out.

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