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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


Just when you thought that the Mahoning Valley's electronic ambulance chaser, David Betras, had disappeared from this site as a result of the Girard traffic camera controversy losing steam, he has found a way to grab the spotlight again .

Betras called y0urs truly earlier this week to announce that he intends to take a leave of absence to run state Sen. Marc Dann's campaign for Ohio attorney general. When it was pointed out to him that his talents as a lawyer and a media personality did not extend to managing a statewide election campaign, he seemed to take great offense.

Thus the question: Is Dann jeopardizing his bid for the Democratic nomination for attorney general by turning to a friend to resurrect his seemingly troubled campaign? The question is not meant to demean Betras' abilities, but rather is designed to elicit public reaction to this important move.

This writer's column on the Editorial Page of Sunday's Vindicator focuses on the two local campaigns for statewide office: Dann's bid for AG; Mahoning County Treasurer John Reardon's bid for the Democratic nomination for Ohio auditor. The opinions expressed in the column are not kind and could even be viewed as mean-spirited. By the truth often hurts.

Sen. Dann would do well to reassess the changes he has made in his campaign team before it is too late.

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