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"WOW!!!! For the record I will debate anyone at anytime and at any location. I will not debate any defendants in the case I have filed in court. I will not bring my children but I will bring my A game and my courage. Now do I have any takers or will you still insist to hide in a blog."

So wrote Atty. David Betras on Jan. 4 as he kept up his chatter about the soundness of his argument that the traffic cameras in the city of Girard are unconstitutional. The chatter has also included some pretty harsh criticism of his detractors.

Now, Betras gets to face those critics.

On Saturday at 10 a.m. at Cedar's Cafxc3x83xc2xa9 in downtown Youngstown, Betras will debate Mike Nagel, whose comments in this blog about the camera controversy make it clear that he thinks the lawyer is a blowhard.

The debate is open to the public.

"I hope the chicken----- show up," Betras said in accepting the invitation to participate.

But while individuals on both sides of the issue have been passionate in their arguments in this blog, there are legal ramifications of using traffic cameras and other modern policing tools that deserve to be explored.

The debate is an opportrunity for lawmakers, especially on the state level, to not only hear the arguments, but to participate. Following the Betras-Nagel segment, the discussion will be opened to the audience.

The event is being sponsored by

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