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Long live king george

Whatever reason Mahoning County commissoners David Ludt and Anthony Traficanti give Tuesday for George J. Tablack\'s return t

Ohio democratic party in disarray

The turkey the Ohio Republican Party carved up Thanksgiving Day had to have had a "D" on it as in Democrat. That\'s what the

Stay tuned for more in warren

FBI agents aren\'t known for heaping praise on elected officials, especially in the Mahoning Valley, so the willngness of Joh

You have a friend in hank

Remember when Edward A. Flask was on his way to jail for enriching himself while he was a director of the Mahoning Valley San

Jay williams' stunning victory

The results of Tuesday\'s mayoral race in Youngstown make it clear that the election was not state Sen. Robert F. Hagan\'s to

Contemplating the general election

In Youngstown:</p><p>Mayor-elect Jay Williams, whose historic win last Tuesday has attracted the attention of the statewide m

Is 'bad habat' on his way out?

There are fairly loud whispers on the campus of Youngstown State University that John Habat, the power behind President David

Turning the other cheek

The Rev. Jay Alford\'s response to this writer\'s criticism of the clergy\'s involvement in the Youngstown mayoral race (see

Storm clouds over airport?

Why would Don L. Hanni Jr., former chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party and the 80-something dean of the region\'


Two veteran politicos, both former party chairmen, and a former mayor of the city of Youngstown were asked Tuesday before th

Mayor's race the finale

If Robert F. Hagan, the Democratic nominee for mayor of Youngstown, loses the election Tuesday, he will have only himself to