Watch out for snipers, atty. betras


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by Bertram de Souza   | 306 entries


In making the case that the traffic camera in Girard is unconstitutional, Boardman Atty. David Betras has referred to the city as "Baghdad Borough." The implication is that a "police state" exists in the Trumbull County city, just as it does in Iraq's capital city.

A word of advice for Betras. who continues to attract media attention with his promise to turn the battle of the camera into a class action lawsuit: Watch out for snipers as you crawl through Girard.

Indeed, there are rumors that city council intends to take up Betras' slam at the city during its meeting next week.

Wonder if Betras has the guts to face the lawmakers. Thus far, he has conducted the battle in the newspapers and on television. But he has yet to go eyeball-to-eyeball with Mayor Melfi and members of city council.

Just announce that you'll be attending the meeting, David, and it will be standing-room only in council chambers.

As the previous post about Atty. Betras' speeding ticket shows, there is a great deal of interest in what the lawyer does. Such is the price of fame.

Now, he can kick things up a notch. Girard officials have a right to face their accuser.

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