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Be careful what you wish for

Mahoning County Prosecutor Paul Gains couldn\'t have picked a worst moment to wake up from his hibernation. Gains\' decision

A question on christmas day

While the responses to the Betras /camera entries have been so dramatic and overwhelming (Bertram\'s Blog has been on line fo

Watch out for snipers, atty. betras

In making the case that the traffic camera in Girard is unconstitutional, Boardman Atty. David Betras has referred to the cit

Betras nabbed by an electronic device

Atty. David Betras, the slayer of the Girard traffic camera dragon, was clocked at 93 miles an hour in a 65 miles an hour zon

What will montgomery do?

The subtext in this week\'s news about a poll conducted by the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Petro, Ohio

Jer-ry! jer-ry! jer-ry!

What was national television shockjock Jerry Springer doing at the recent Mahoning County Democratic Party Hall of Fame dinne

Petro takes political risk

Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro, a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor next year, appears to have gone over