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4 bedroom, 5 bath


4 bedroom, 5 bath


4 bedroom, 4 bath

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By Stan (Contact)

Published May 10, 2009


A position of leadership does have its rewards but it also carries responsibility. Yes, this does entail more than managing the spending of your salary. The safety of those who you purport to lead is a major priority. Services to achieve that goal must be maintained. Paying for those services does require that jobs be available to generate cash for that purpose.

Generating jobs is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. An atmosphere must be maintained that makes doing business pleasurable. Unhappy businesses leave and go where they are welcome. In todays economy jobs have a very high value. You cannot afford to lose any.

Using available resources to the max should be considered to create new industries. We deal with many countries around the world and those contacts can be used to facilitate trade. Idle hands can be put to use manufacturing goods for export. Lets put an abundance of pride and prosperity back into Youngstown.


1Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

A city without viable and effective leadership goes nowhere fast. The job situation is changing for the worse. The unemployed are using their idle time to create a third world atmosphere that anyone with an aptitude for thinking would not be proud of.

The process of restoring Youngstown should start with restoring civilized behavior within the city. Criminal activity must be stopped. Those bringing drugs into the city must be stopped. Street dealers can't sell if they don't have a supply. Addicts who commit crime to support their habit will then be able to be rehabilitated when the supply of drugs has dried up.

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2abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

crime stopping isn't the first answer. As a matter of fact, that issue works itself out. most crime in youngstown is not moral-crime ( like rape, beating an old lady over the head for nothing, child molestation. etc) but it is mostly economic crime, such as drug selling, robbery, theft etc..(I have a police scanner and I also research this, and scholastically contemplate it, if you will)...and most violent crime stems from it.

You give people something to do, and there is incentive
to not involve oneself with crime, and in most cases you wont have to or will be less tempted to do economic crime, cuz it wont be worth the risk.

You'll NEVER get rid of crime, and sad to say, that no matter how well off some area is, people always have and always will want to be high. You stop the supply of drugs in an area where there are very few other economic options (and no matter the moral issue or high ground one takes, that conscientiousness does NOT matter when a bill comes in and is 4 months overdue, or because the balance is so high you can only pay a certain amount each month since a tire blew on the car which is the bread and butter in being transportation)...a person does not instantly become a scoundrel by making a criminal decision, or as you love to say "dirtbag", and doesn't necessarily indicate a "worthless monster" and highly immoral person.
But really, the crime thing? seriously? The reason I'm NOT voting for Mayor Williams again. Dallas and Ft Worth has plenty crime (killing every day SOMEWHERE in the DFW metro) yet the standard of living and job opps are so high, it's almost impossible to NOT have a job, and a decent one at least down there...

your solution here is highly simplistic and really achieves nothing...wow a drug free and violent free Ytown? There's plenty of places like that with virtually no good economy.

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3abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

I meant that comment for Stan, and not the writer with whom I agree with and echo 100%, 100%, and might I say 100% !!!!!!

I will rush vote Mayor Williams out. The "church people's" and the "scared-people's" mayor.

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4abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

ah shnapp, that WAS Stan as the author, haha!!
SO I agree with the blog, but not the sub-post.

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5Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

To develop wealth without curtailing crime only provides a fertile environment for criminals to take advantage of . They will attempt to destroy what society tries to build . Crime nust be curtailed before society can flourish .

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6TheStanFan(2 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

First off, Stan, you are a douche bag. Are you really saying that crime has to be wiped out in order for Youngstown to be prosperous? Really? You want to start with "restoring civilized behavior"? LOL That equates to treating the pain of cancer in the hopes that it will go away. Good luck with your primitive outlook on humankind.

Give people a purpose in life. When people have jobs, that provide them a living wage, most people will not feel the need to participate in illicit behavior. It's no coincidence that when the unemployment rates raise so do the crime rates and vise versa. Come on Stan, pull your head out of your simplistic ass and get with the program.

Youngstown's problem is not with criminals it's with the lack of jobs that fit the uneducated, mostly unskilled population- no offence Youngstowners. Face it, Youngstown has relied on manufacturing for a very long time. Those jobs were primarily "non-skilled" or "general labor" jobs. Those types of jobs have moved to India and China because in the 60's and 70's India and China were not fitted for this type of work. Guess what, now they are and they can do the same work for a fraction of the cost.

I'm not saying anything new and I don't pretend to have the answers but to boil it down to your usual asinine solutions is at best laughable and at worst pathetic.

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7Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Well TheStanFan , what is pathetic is that fools like you, who are mentally challenged, making excuses for crime in Youngstown . It is impossible for drug addicts to pass a drug test and get a job . Criminal history closes the door on most jobs . So it's societys fault in your mind . Are you a victim of our criminal justice system ?

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