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Just like all elections this one has its moments. The good,the bad and the ugly. Politics at it's best,right? Obama the unknown versus McCain the maverick. Which one is best for us? The answer lies in what they do in office. Right now this is an unknown that only the future will tell. Politicians have a habit of appeasing the public with hollow words that don't become fact once they are in office. Neither one has ever been a President so it would be on the job training for both of them.

Two big issues face our nation. Cheap energy and jobs. With security there is no imminent threat but an implied threat. Right now there is no country on this earth foolish enough to attack us but this could all change if we are weakened further internally.

We must continue to develop our internal resources along with international resources that we have an interest in. Trading partners must have real goods sent to them and not a piling up of debt as we have now. America must once again export to the world in large volumes to keep America working and economically healty.


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