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“I learn something new every day. As soon as I reach a comfort zone, it is time to re-invent myself” - Mike Costarella

Mike started in life as a Girard native and is still a Girard resident. His degrees are from Girard High School, Bowling Green State University, Wright State University. His past professional experience includes work at University of Akron and Wright State University, Armstrong Laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Mike spent almost a decade working as a primary software architect for a hospital management software company in Atlanta, Raleigh and Cleveland.

Mike moved back to Girard shortly before the turn of the century, and started a family. He currently is the owner of his own software development consulting firm that has performed subcontracting for a number of large organizations in the Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown and Pittsburgh areas. Mike has served two terms as Council At Large in the City of Girard, and was on council at the time of the successful agreement between Youngstown and Girard which facilitated the V&M Star Steel expansion.

Since this time, Mike has become educated in many aspects of the oil and natural gas industry and was one of the first, if not the first, person in the valley to suggest the possible correlation between the earthquakes and the D&L injection well.

Mike has also been a part-time talk show host of “Another Valley View” featured on AM 1540 WYCL and where many podcast archives can be heard at You can email Mike with questions and comments at

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Not In My Backyard!

A recent explosion of a natural gas well in Bolivar, OH caused a man's death and came close to bombarding homes nearby. Knowing this, is it really safe to place wells near schools, in parks, ...

Where in North America can you flee fracking?

This month’s article takes a look at places throughout North America that are being affected by the oil and natural gas industry.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

A summary of where the jobs are in the region's shale boom. Including job numbers from the Regional Chamber.

Gimme Some Water...

How will we manage our water resources as oil drilling begins and new companies and workers come into the valley?

Me Thinking Different Governor Kasich

As Northeastern Ohio becomes a financial player in the State of Ohio, what should we be asking for in return from the state?

Who’s At Fault?

In a report issued last week, state officials would have you think that no fault lines had been previously mapped in the Youngstown area. Really?

Before We Were Oil Tycoons

Before the shale boom, our plan was to develop reusable energies. Since, oil and natural gas are still a finite resource, we need to continue the development of reusable energy resources.