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this young man "if i should even call him that"

This day for the bus driver and her assistant had to be one of those day's u ask ur'self "why in the hell do i bother"!!!!!!!!! clearly this "boy" should not be on a school bus, let alone in school !!!! there is no way this should be allowed to happen. who in the hell are his parent(s) and why on earth do they think that he was in the right !!!!!! if i were his mom, this video would not have been shown to anyone, and i would have beat his ass after i seen how he disrespected "not just a female bus driver", but an adult !!!! (along with her assistant)... i am so upset that anyone would be consider punishment for the driver and her assistant, because i'm sure if it were any one of us "as adult's" who were put in the position, we might have even beat his "ass", because i'm sure thats exactly what he needs