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Colors tend to be a part of our lives and in some cases they can influence how we react and feel. This reaction to color is called color psychology. There is also historical evidence of color psychology being used by some of the early cultures. 

With color psychology the very well known colors like red will have different stimuli in various people. For instance you will find that priests in the Christian faith wear black robes. This is thought by some color psychologists as these priests’ willingness to show submission before God. Black is another color that is also found in color psychology. 

Even though we have just covered two examples of what color psychology is about, you are probably seeing the correlation between your behavior and emotional state when you are in rooms or places that have been given a certain color treatment. The study of how we are affected by psychological abuse can help in the way that treatments are given. The only indicators for color psychology at this moment are what is recognized as the main colors that people use. With color psychology being a relatively new field of study there is not a lot of data that can be consistently used. 

The other shades and how we react to them have yet to be identified and documented. This color quiz tends to change each time that we take it but generally it can be useful in letting you see how to change your lifestyle. It has been noted that we have different responses to different colors. 

You can take this color quiz on the internet. The first part of the color quiz begins by letting you select certain color boxes that you have a preference to. Here you will encounter various types of color quizzes. 

This is just one of the many color quizzes that you can find on the internet. With properly documented and trained specialist working on these color quizzes, a data field can be accumulated so that the various emotional responses can be catalogued with the patient’s agreement. While this color quiz is just another example of what can be found on the internet, you can see the uses for this application.

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