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Saturday's Grey to Green points to future

Saturday in Wick Park, a unique assemblage of vendors, entertainment and family-friendly fun, headlined by urban farmer and MacArthur "Genius" Award winner Will Allen.

Leadership Award: Regional Chamber

Can we recognize together that in these difficult times we need all hands on deck? Whether you’ve been here your whole life, ten or twenty years, or two weeks, solving our challenges requires creativity, energy ...

V&M Deal Needs Cooperation

No doubt Girard Mayor James Melfi is attempting to look out for the best interests of his city. That's why Mayor Melfi must reach out to the other parties involved and work towards a resolution ...

Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

Why do some locals still view criminal Jim Traficant as a hero, a martyr, an unjustly persecuted saint? It’s because they don’t understand his self-interest. Criminal Jim’s motivation was his own, personal enrichment and fame, ...

Change the lights

I spent last week in Columbus. As I drove up High Street in the evening, the traffic lights switched from their standard green light, yellow light, red light mode to yellow flashers for the main ...

CVS layout suggests weak City design standards

If we keep accepting crap, that's all we'll have.

Better off without unions?

I ran across an interesting opinion piece in Newsweek today. It's called "Unions: We're Better Off Without Them." It's timed to campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act, which would modify some of the rules ...

About that library funding

The need for budget cuts is obvious and real. However, but cutting resources that support the sharing of common information, we create hardship. We'll pay one way or the other, whether it's through additional outlays ...

True courage in Iran

Are either of Iran's potential winners good for America? Will a new president really spell change in a country ruled by conservative clerics? And what should we be doing about it?

Starting at the center

If we had leadership at the County level that talked up regionalism and worked to build coalitions for the advancement of policies that strengthened the region, starting from the center and spreading outward, that would ...