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What was this election for, anyway?

There is a limit to permissiveness, especially when it comes to the core issues behind the last election: America's image around the world, specifically having to do with war, torture and detainees.

Be civil, brief and relevant

Our beliefs come from our experiences. As we all come from varied backgrounds and levels of access to opportunity, it's natural that some of us will disagree with each other. These differences should not hinder our ability to empathize with other views.

Supreme Vulgarities

Neither NBC, ABC, CBS nor FOX have my children's best interests at heart, though they might protest otherwise. I understand how this works: they make compelling television (which frequently appeals to our prurient and voyeuristic natures to keep us riveted), which they then sell to advertisers (who frequently appeal to our prurient and voyeuristic natures to keep us consuming). None of this suggests that my children would be well-suited to be plopped down in front of the TV for live, prime-time events, be it the Oscars where celebrity egos run at the mouth, or the Super Bowl where Doritos and Bud Light compete for the most scintillating and scantily clad models.