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Vindy reins in talk

Kudos to the Vindicator for taking appropriate measures to manage the Talk of the Valley discussion forums, which have hitherto been a wasteland of invective.

A tale of two bailouts

It was the blue-collar workers, it was the white-collar workers. One class was only grudgingly granted a lifeline, the other was a shoo-in.

What's next for City Planning Dept?

Chief Planner Anthony Kobak has left the City with a huge gap to fill after his resignation last week. This is not just a unique moment of opportunity for hungry professional planners, but it is a moment for the city to show that it understands what it takes to move its plans forward and that it understands how to undertake a transparent, competitive, merit-based hiring process.

Open arms for Traficant?!

This is not a victim. Let me say it again: Jim Traficant is not a victim. Until this Valley stands with one voice and says "no more" to corruption, we'll be unable to effectively rebut the mobtown stereotypes crafted by the hands of Traficant and every other politician who looked the other way to organized crime or actively traded pennies for power while their people cried out for help.

10 good things about Obama's budget

1. Begins the process of addressing the problems of our health care system with a $634 billion down payment. 2. Cuts taxes for 95% of working Americans. 3. Invests in clean energy technology with more than $100 billion. 4. Begins the withdrawal from Iraq. It doesn't happen as soon as ...