Traficant t-shirts discredit us


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by Tyler S. Clark (Contact)   | 92 entries


The Vindicator recently published a front-pager highlighting a Poland t-shirt shop selling "Welcome Home Jimbo" shirts. In the article, Tony Trolio says, "He's been a friend. I don't condone what he did, but wanted to show support," Trolio said. "Most people support him. I think if he ran again he'd get elected."

Apparently, we've learned nothing.  There are some who suggest that all politicians are corrupt, so why should Traficant be singled out? The profession of politican, while it may be rife with temptations for the corruptible, does not excuse corruption. This should be least accepted where that individual should have been fighting honestly for the interests of his constituents rather than stealing from them and other public servants in his employ.

Traficant is a disgrace and should suffer the dishonor he has earned, rather than manufactured folk-hero plaudits. That this store also peddles Youngstown Murder Capital paraphernalia just shows that their heart is in the money rather than the Valley. There are a wide variety of things I'm prepared to accept in the name of commerce--denigration of my home is not one of them! 

Until we overcome the negativism that pervades our community, we won't progress to capture our full potential. We must acknowledge the corruption in our past by name and create a new ethical standard to which we'll hold our leaders. Those who forgive and forget the most grievous and public corruption and mob-snuggling that has plagued our community will deserve no better than that.

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