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62,000 Jobs cut and counting

If The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will be as poorly managed as the last one, we should forget it right now. All I've seen is banks buying other banks, and it doesn't seem like any money is being freed up for borrowers. It seems like any kind of money being leveraged through banks should be restricted for lending. I'm no financial expert, but isn't that the goal we're trying to achieve? Can't we write it into the conditions of the program?

Youngstown's Day of Service

Perhaps a volunteer Expo is in order, to bring together all the Valley's volunteer-driven organizations under one roof, to help them promote their events and needs and let those who want to serve have a chance to browse and see what opportunities are out there.

Traficant t-shirts discredit us

Traficant is a disgrace and should suffer the dishonor he has earned, rather than manufactured folk-hero plaudits. That this store also peddles Youngstown Murder Capital paraphernalia just shows that their heart is in the money rather than the Valley. There are a wide variety of things I'm prepared to accept in the name of commerce--denigration of my home is not one of them!

Will Youngstown get its share?

I can't help wondering, though, does Youngstown have the right level of influence at the state level? And if we had more influence, would the governor's office have found a way to get us the funds we deserve? Can the goals of 2010 really be implemented without the state support required?