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Your Pilgrim ideas needed

What's needed now are ideas for the church's future. How could it best be used for the benefit of the University and its community and in a way that is self-sustaining. In other words, how can whatever goes there pay for itself? What are your ideas?

Shared workspace at YBI

I'm spending this week in San Francisco, networking with some technologists and entrepreneurs active in the Silicon Valley scene. It's inspiring to see so much development happening near the Potrero neighborhood, where many upstart Web 2.0 companies have set up their offices. What was once an industrial wasteland is seeing an explosion of construction and growth.

YSU must delay Pilgrim Church demolition

The University must postpone the scheduled demolition of the Pilgrim Collegiate Church and devote time and energy to pursuing a tenant or other reuse strategy rather than hastily deciding on the building's demolition.

Who cares that Phelps smoked pot?

Whether you prefer drinking or doping, you should do it in moderation and without fear of prosecution. We've got far more important things to worry about, like the economic crisis. In fact, while we're looking for solutions, creating a new industry to regulate legalized pot could be quite the cash cow.