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by Tyler S. Clark (Contact)   | 92 entries


On December 16, City Council will meet to vote on contracts submitted for approval by the City. These contracts include a planning process for adding deconstruction to the existing demolition program, creating a rental property registration program and acquiring foreclosed and vacant properties.

If the tone of Monday’s CDA Committee meeting is a valid indicator, the prospects for their passage appear favorable. This is a relief, especially given the Council’s previous reaction to them.

It seems probable, based on what I’ve heard, that there were some closed-door pre-meeting talks happening to get everyone on the same page. I’m not suggesting that anything was necessarily scripted, but the mood apparent in the rhetoric from the earlier Vindicator report was not present in the room.

Harold Gwinn had a good report on the Monday CDA Committee Meeting. To that, I’ll just add some video excerpts from the proceedings, which lasted about an hour.

In the following excerpt, CDA Director Bill D'Avignon provides an overview of deconstruction in response to Committee Chair Jamael Tito Brown's request.

There was also an explanation of the grant specifically.

Mayor Williams offered his thoughts on deconstruction versus demolition.

Second Ward councilman DeMaine Kitchen expressed some concerns about aspects of deconstruction and got answers.

Bill D'Avignon responds to concerns voiced by City Council about receiving more information prior to being asked to approve contracts.


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