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I heard gunshots last night

The NRA claims "Guns don't kill people; people do." Though, as the sage comedian Eddie Izzard points out, "Guns help." Since Obama's election, the conspiracy-minded have bought guns and ammunition by the case, in unwarranted fear that their right to own a gun will be squashed.

Texas-sized hypocrisy

Haven't we been hearing for the last eight years how we need to support the troops by supporting America and the President? I guess that was just if he was a Texan, and GOP, and named Bush.

Painful shrinkage

Youngstown is a city with a plan... and now without a planner. We've admitted we won't grow to the size we once were... but demolition is expensive, and the tax base isn't growing. We've got some federal funds to apply to crisis neighborhoods... but City Council insists on spreading the money according to thirty-year-old needs.

Ryan in Columbus would help Youngstown

Our proximity to Cleveland allows it to act as a fiscal black hole, sucking in all the development dollars under the claim that Youngstown and Akron are part of the Northeast Ohio corridor. Not that we're unhappy to play in the sandbox with others, but when Youngstown is used in a grant proposal as part of an area of service, we'd better see the dollars that result from that grant, or we'd better stop getting included.