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What's on the ballot

This election year we are faced with a stark and, frankly, obvious choice for the next president of the united states. But, you know all about that after two years of non-stop campaigning. What else is on the ballot?

We are all Americans

Sadly, the GOP campaign train has run off its rails, and hate and fear are all that's left behind. There's no hope there, only fear. Fear of socialists and terrorists and boogeymen all around. It's time to move past the fear into responsible governing. McCain stokes fear that an Obama presidency would establish a redistribution of wealth. As Powell pointed out, this is how it has always worked. The question is, in which direction is the wealth headed?

McCain Meltdown

When you sacrifice your principles to win at all costs, the McCain campaign is what you get: a top-ticket candidate whose instincts are at odds with his advisors and a Vice-Presidential candidate chosen for her gender and born-again bona fides.

Policy not personality

As the campaign turns into the home stretch, it's useful to look past the personalities to the policies which should decide an election but are often overlooked in favor of whom voters would like to have a beer with.