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by Tyler S. Clark   | 92 entries


We're now in a new era. Just as I felt a new, sad vibe after 9/11, so I feel a new optimism from everyone I encounter since the election. We are now hopeful for a country respected abroad and at home. We believe we can base our policies on diversity, not narrow-mindedness.

The movement that swept Obama into office is as old as our nation. All are created equal. Liberty and justice should be available to all. We must close Guantanamo Bay, withdraw from Iraq, forge a new path with North Korea and Iraq, protect our national parks, expand health care availability, bring defense spending under control, keep higher education affordable, and make K-12 education effective.

Let's look at how Obama won Youngstown: in the city, Obama received 23,613 (83%) votes to McCain's 4,763 (17%); in Campbell, 3,248 (78%) to 909 (22%); in Struthers, 3,578 (70%) to 1,546 (30%); in Canfield, 2,196 (47%) to 2,469 (53%); in Austintown, 12,487 (66%) to 6,466 (34%); in Boardman, 13,306 (59%) to 9,391 (41%); and in Poland, 800 (49%) to 822 (51%).

Overall, an impressive local and national win. There are still partisans among us, but Fareed Zakaria makes an effective argument that voters today "see their government as predatory and corrupt." Zakaria encourages Obama to stress innovation and suggests that if Obama is effective, future polls will find more self-identifying progressives, if the nation sees the next administration "attacking predatory policies and corruption, from the left and the right."

What are your highest hopes or fateful fears for an Obama administration?

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