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Youngstown's Finest Falter

We are not ignorant of the severe economic and unemployment situations that exacerbate the problem of crime. No reasonable person expects the police to be everywhere at all times, protecting everyone. The very least we can expect, however, is that city employees perform their jobs honorably and are present and engaged while they are on duty.

Burying and praising Hanni

We tend to treat politics as a game, as if the people living and dying by the policies set by those in power are less important than the stories generated by colorful characters like Hanni and his frequent combatant Traficant. The media, at power lunches and black-tie journalist dinners, raises a glass and says "well played."

The End of the Hanni Machine

The End of the Hanni Machine: A Commentary by Robert Fitzer appeared in the April 1994 Speed of Sound magazine, published by Holly J. Burnett. (Reprinted with permission)

The lie of personal responsibility

Why are the corporations the only ones who matter to the nation's economy? Why are the taxpayers being told they must fend for themselves while footing the bill for the failures of the corporations?

Dear neighbor, enough already with the fireworks

I know we have this don't-ask-don't-tell policy in place with the fireworks around here, but enough is enough. I kept quiet through the weekend while you had your fun disrupting my evenings. But can't we call a truce?

So it is about oil

Throughout the planning, invasion and occupation, we've been assured the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was solely for reasons of national security. Oil had nothing to do with it. Despite these persistent denials, news this week brings back the old conspiracy theories.