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Why Obama over Clinton

Illinois Senator Barack Obama is certainly not waiting his turn. Indeed, that is a principle issue that seems to be roiling the Democratic establishment. Hillary Clinton, one of their own, with all the right connections, DLC leanings, not to mention the historic trappings of being the first woman nominee is poised for the White House, and this young upstart thinks he can come along and take it from her?! It is this same presumption that has doomed the Clinton campaign and would cause it to falter in the general election, though it is unlikely now to make it that far. It's a good thing, too.

Voting for Change

You've been hearing about a youth movement in Youngstown specifically and the Valley at large. Looking across the country during this election, it's obvious there's a movement at hand. Where did it come from, where is it going, and who is carrying it aloft?

Conglose has created no-win for city

Carmen Conglose's handling of the traffic coordinator vacancy has created a no-win situation for the city, and everyone involved should back away and let this mess go away.

Abortion and Fascism

A letter to the editor Friday by Ida Callan of Girard took on a Vindicator editorial commemorating the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. The reader may remember that the Roe v. Wade decision centered on the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause and one's constitutional right to privacy in its ...

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