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Sprawl is Unsustainable

The goal of regionalization is to draw population back to the core. Cities, not suburbs, are best equipped to support masses of people. Look at a map; see the urban core from which satellite suburbs branching out. The very etymology of suburb from seventeenth-century London suggested detached areas of "inferior, debased, and licentious habits or life."


I'll be among the first to laud GM's Lordstown investment and any other that makes its way into the Valley. But the baby steps are what will get my attention, because those will lead to something sustained and substantial.

China's Opening Ceremony

I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony with awe Friday night, as a stadium full of drummers tattooed a rhythmic unison awesome in its precision and stunning in its visual impact. Some of China's contributions to society were interwoven in brilliant display: fireworks shot off from around the stadium while electronic paper unrolled below and sinuous dancers acted as ancient writing utensils upon it, creating ancient characters and nature-scapes.

Too many wars

We've got a war going on today. It's not in Iraq or Afghanistan; it's right here in America. It's not the War on Drugs or the War on Poverty. It's a war on North Americans, working in restaurants and factories around the corner and across the country.