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Thanks for reading

This is my last blog post on Todd Franko kindly asked me to contribute a blog here two years ago over lunch at The Rosetta Stone, and it's been an incredible time to be ...


Mr. Ryan and Mr. Williams are hoping for new funds to materialize, based on their impressions from the meeting. I'm not holding my breath. It's time we took matters into our own hands. The area ...

NYT: Youngstown yawns at Traficant

Despite reports of an upcoming radio show in Cleveland and the expectation that Traficant will challenge Charlie Wilson in the primaries, there is evidence that Youngstown has moved on. In fact, the very fact that ...

Business Group Selects Unrepentant Felon Keynote Speaker

The one thing we can learn from Jim Traficant is that intention doesn't count when action contradicts it.

Council appears poised to approve contracts

On December 16, City Council will meet to vote on contracts submitted for approval by the City. These contracts include a planning process for adding deconstruction to the existing demolition program, creating a rental property ...

Deconstructing City Council

Is the flap over deconstruction really about its appropriateness as a city program? Or is it a reality check as to which councilpersons are serious about the tenets of 2010—that plan which was touted at ...

The Angle of Deconstruction

Last week it was announced that the City of Youngstown received a grant to pursue a deconstruction program related to the dismantling of vacant structures. Steve Novotny, currently interning with the city while finishing his ...

What's on the 2009 ballot?

A review of the issues on Tuesday's ballot.

FirstEnergy abuses its monopoly with CFL scheme

Why didn't the utility include an offer to its customers on their invoice? "Check here and add $xx.xx to your payment to receive x CFL bulbs, which reduce energy consumption in your home."? Or they ...

Help keep the library lights on

The library is managing their part responsibly by ensuring it's available when we use it the most. It's time for us to do our part in keeping the lights on.