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Right Now, I Am Proud to Be an American

Yes, similar words were said by our new First Lady, Michelle Obama, but I could completely relate. Having worked long, hard hours on the last two Democratic presidential campaigns just to experience loss at questionable ...

‘Tis the Season to Bash Youngstown

A friend alerted me to a video regarding Youngstown reported by International News French24. They filmed the worst areas of Youngstown and continue the bashing that Forbes magazine started with giving us the name of ...

Slow down – it’s a school zone!

We all say that we want our children protected from all types of dangers. But, do we all slow down in school zones? Not from what I've been seeing around town.

Finding Organic Food in Youngstown

Ever since becoming pregnant and having a child, I purchase more and more organic food. Now, I haven’t gone all crunchy-granola and still love my share of non-organic staples but have found a way to ...

Surviving Manhattan with a 2 Year Old

Sure, I'd love to debate politics all day long but my blog is about having children and life just the same. I'm still adjusting to living back in Youngstown but my love affair with NYC ...

Do you want to be a Hillary or a Sarah?

Who do you want to be when you grow up? Hillary? Sarah? Or, bring your own political voice into the fray? Our time is now to become involved as women. What are you waiting for?

Is it a sin to throw things away?

    Why can’t my father throw things away?  Is it some old school sin like not finishing your dinner? He’s from that generation that survived the Depression, a WWII vet, came from immigrant stock – ...

Project Mom = Project Me

Becoming a mom is like any new project – you try to plan to the best of your abilities, then life gets in the way.  It starts with the pregnancy part – you get all ...