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Things to do With Your Toddler:
Everything is white these days. White with snow that is. If you are like me and have a toddler or younger, their outdoor activities are very limited. My daughter lasted all of 3 minutes the first day we went out to play in her sled. She got a face full of wind and declared "I'm done." I acquired this list of things to do with your toddler from my single moms group and isn't this the perfect time to share them? Keep in mind, some ideas might not suit your household or lifestyle and feel free to tweak for your own winter fun.

As an aside, please go to this link with a petition for the White House regarding the HUD funding: 

  1. Color
  2. Play Doh
  3. Play hide-and-seek
  4. Blow bubbles
  5. Place chase
  6. Do fingerplays
  7. Sing songs (kids have a remarkable ability to forgive tone deafness)
  8. Make an obstacle course out of cushions or furniture (using blankets to make tunnels)
  9. Make a fort or tent out of cushions and sheets
  10. Make a car out of a box
  11. Read a book
  12. Fingerpaint 
  13. Toss bean bags into a bucket
  14. Play the shell-and-pea game
  15. Dance to music
  16. Download games for toddlers from the internet (Nick Jr. has great ones)
  17. Practice putting things in and taking things out of boxes and bags
  18. Roll a ball back & forth on the floor
  19. Put on a puppet show
  20. Go fishing with a yardstick & yarn
  21. Make a horseshoe game
  22. Play paper baskeball (or Nerf)
  23. Make a drum out of an oatmeal box
  24. Play with musical instruments: kazoo, harmonica, etc.
  25. Bang on pots & pans with spoons
  26. Play dress up
  27. Dress up dolls or plush animals
  28. Make a playhouse out of a large box
  29. Let child play with a sticker sheet 
  30. Put stickers on fingers for finger puppets
  31. Frost cookies or bake together
  32. Plant a flower or vegetable/herb plant together
  33. Roll a tennis ball into an empty trash can or bucket
  34. Draw on a mirror with dry-erase markers
  35. Play hide-and-seek together
  36. Put a leash on a stuffed animal and take it for a walk around the house
  37. Record each other talking
  38. Give a piggy-back ride
  39. Play horsie
  40. Play tug-of-war with a blanket
  41. String large beads onto a shoelace
  42. Glue shapes onto paper
  43. Make sock puppets
  44. Use a paper towel tube as a megaphone
  45. Act out a story in a book
  46. Make hopscotch out of colored paper or place mats
  47. Do the hokey-pokey
  48. Play Red Light, Green Light
  49. Have a picnic in the living room
  50. Play dress up in Mommy's/Daddy's clothes
Please feel free to add your suggestions/ideas!


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