Allergies from Hell


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Who can blog when one is having their worst allergy season since growing up here?  Thankfully, I have a sister who has battled our local pollen count for ages and is a walking pharmaceutical book on what works and what doesn't.  Also, I thank the Lord for the pollen count alert on The Weather Channel.

Found out the source of my daugther's ongoing respiratory ails:  allergies.  So, no it wasn't a dirty daycare, germy children or virus.  Turns out her bronchiolitis is brought on by allergies.  After 3 more visits to the pediatrician, turns out her asthma has been triggered by the allergy season.  Thanks to children's Allegra and her inhaler, we are both sleeping better.  I hope she grows out of her allergies as did I when I was a child.  I have to be careful (as we learned at last year's Canfield Fair) when she touches any farm animals or puffy animals (like my Persian cat).  Oh, and note to Canfield Fair organizers - could you buy a bottle of children's Benadryl to have on hand this year instead of adult shots! You would think they would have thought of that little detail after all these years.

As for myself, I really am motivated to garden and landscape like a suburban fiend.  However, I neglected to take into consideration allergy season.  Living in NYC, you would think dirtier air.  However, the amount of foliage in Central Park doesn't even come close to living a few miles away from Mill Creek Park.  Today I am battling a red, watery eye that makes me look like I did a few rounds with Kelly Pavlik.  All I can think about is the blessed pink Benadryl pill that awaits me before bed tonight because the generic Loratadine pill I took doesn't work for a darn like Loratadine D does (talk about speed!). 

Which brings me to the lack of writing on my part and my focus on the garden, my battle to bring my landscape into decent condition all while corralling a young child to remain in the backyard with me.  I'm the crazy lady yelling "Stay out of the garden. Don't touch the bees because they are not butterflies. Don't jump in the mud unless you have your boots on! Oh no, you fell in the mud."  Oh, did I mention I'm the crazy lady covered in mud after picking up my child out of the mud puddle that suctioned her rain boots in like cement?  Armed with Claritin D and some Oxy Clean to soak our clothes, I just might survive this spring, allergy season after all.

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