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Where Are All the Moms?

Being a mom can be lonely at times. You become so absorbed in all the wants and needs of your little one(s) that you forget about yourself. Whether you are a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) or working mom, you still need to find friends who have things in common with you or who can commiserate with you. Back in the day, neighborhoods were packed with kids and moms. All you had to do was talk to your neighbor. With our city's shrinking population and aging demographic, it isn't as easy to do. One of the purposes of creating this blog was to offer moms an outlet to vent or see that other's face the same challenges.

To Sleep is To Dream

Will I ever have a full night's sleep again? It starts as soon as you become pregnant. One is either up to 1) eat in the middle of the night with a voracious craving or attack of hunger, 2) go to the bathroom (again and again and again), or 3) awake with discomfort at the new positions one tries to maneuver an ever expanding body (not to mention the dreaded calf cramps). Once the child is born, a fitful night's sleep is again a long ago dream due to frequent feedings/diaper changes, gassy bellys, adjustments to sleeping environments (co-sleeping, sleeping in a crib or just plain sleeping). I've survived all of that and now find the toddler years full of another set of expriences that interupt sleep. I'm convinced I will just have to forego a good night of sleep until my child has graduated from college and is at a stable stage of her life.

Our Night at Akron Children's

I had blogged in December that no one wants to have to visit the newly renovated Akron Children's Hospital Beeghley Campus but it sometimes is a necessity. My first ER experience with my 2 year old daughter was as good as it gets all things considered. I am so glad I went to the open house tour and that there is a hospital devoted to children's (and their guardians) needs.