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After dealing with wicked cold weather and snow, snow, snow, it was a pleasure to see some greenery after crossing the Mason Dixon line.  My drive to D.C. was quick and I didn't encounter traffic until I got into the city.  I found myself missing the hustle and bustle of city life as I crawled along Georgetown.  It was odd to see no cars with snow or salt on them.  My car stood out, filthy with salt, amongst the masses.

I'm staying at the Mayflower hotel along with VP Elect Joe Biden, Cindi Lauper & I spotted Billy Baldwin nearby but not sure if he's staying here.  I understand celebs are running around all over the city which isn't an everyday occurrence like it is in NYC.

As for Buckeye celebs, the Ohio Gala held at the Mayflower Hotel was a veritable Who's Who in Ohio politics.  Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher was here with his family.  Our own Mayor Williams and his lovely wife Sonja (sp?) were enjoying for the festivities.  State Sen. Jason Wilson and his congressman father, the list goes on and on.  I was able to speak to many of them at the Ohio Gala.  State Sen. Capri Cafaro was MIA last night as was Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  Both Congressmen Ryan and Buccieri were having a good time. The food was amazing and Bill DeMora, CEO of the event, outdid himself with organizing a party of approximately 800 people.  The OSU marching band stopped by to perform Ohio State's fight song and gave the Maryland party next door a rousing taste of Buckeye spirit.  A 9 piece band with 4 singers kept the night rocking with a variety of dance music.  The party was so good that many people from the Maryland party crashed the Ohio Gala.  I can't forget to mention that President Elect Obama's own aunt from Boston was at the party, too.

As I write this, I'm pretty exhausted and missing my daughter.  Having left her in the care of my sister, I haven't had fun like this since 2005.  I rarely change my life and schedule which evolves around my daughter and have to remind myself (at times like this) that I need to recharge my batteries, too.  It is so easy to become so completely absorbed into one's children when they are young that you forget about the fact that you need some time to yourself. I know that I'll be driving home in less than 48 hours and holding her in my arms.  I can't wait to hear her voice today.  She loves Barack Obama and I told her I was going to see him.  My sister said that when my daughter asks for me and is told "Mama is with Barack Obama." she nods with approval.

My mission today was to find souvenirs for friends and family.  I've been disappointed with the t-shirt and hat selection on the streets.  I truly expected better choices.  All the t-shirts are men's cut which means the small is huge for a woman.  I did have luck finding cute "Obama Kids" t-shirts for my daughter and nephew.  My niece in NYC said that there are cute, Obama, babydoll cut women's t-shirts all over in NYC.  Go figure!  I did get some nice swag in the Ohio Gala goody bag in the meantime.

Tonight, I'll be eating at La Perla with some Ohio Education Association representatives and going to a party at a friend's home.  I just heard from a friend in NYC that she's flying in town tonight and wants to see me.  It is just a wonderful celebration of people here and I love being part of it.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the swearing in ceremony.  I already bought some food at Au Bon Pain because we have to be there early to get to our seats.  If there is any map on tv, you will find me in the yellow section seats. I've never been to the swearing in ceremony but did attend the inaugural parade for President Clinton in 1993.  It is pretty cold here (not like Ohio but still cold) and I plan on layering, will be wearing plenty of fur (the city looks like one big fur convention right now) and have those hand and feet warmers one usually uses for football games. I have seats for the parade route, too.  Later that evening, hopefully after a nap, I'll be attending the Midwest States Ball.  I'm trying to get tix for the Neighborhood Ball which has better performers.

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