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Eczema Winter Woes

Since my daughter was born, we battle eczema as soon as the air becomes cool until the spring thaw. I recently told my pediatrician some things I do to battle this skin inflammation which occurs in 1 out of 4 infants. He thought they were good ideas and said he'd share them with his other patients. So, I'm sharing them with you.

January Inventory Time Means BARGAINS!

It's that time of year again when the weather is brutal but the bargains are divine. I know there are many bargain mavens in our area. Let's share the wealth by shouting out the best deals in town (or nearby).

Celebrating at the Ball

I'm back from my whirlwind of fun in D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama. It was such a dizzying busy time filled with so many people to meet.

The Swearing In Ceremony

What an amazing day! A beautiful, sunny sky, a myriad collection of Americans from all over the U.S. and a new president.

Galas, Celebs & Obama Mania

Its been a whirlwind 24 hours in D.C. After driving 2 hours in a snowstorm, missing my exit to get into D.C. & taking 45 minutes to get 2 miles to my hotel, I am finally in the thick of things at the Mayflower Hotel. The entire city is alive with excitment, energy & smiling faces.

Inaugural Fun – Preparing for the Ball

Many of my friends want details, details, details. What am I wearing? What am I doing? Will I go to the swearing in? So, this blog is full of fun, girly details that (usually) women care about. Just preparing the negative guys out there who try to spin anything about Obama or the inaugural into a political debate.

Who does Ann Coulter think she is and what’s her beef with Single Moms?

I have to take a break from the original blog I was writing about inaugural preparations because Ann Coulter is on one of her crusades again. The target this time – single moms. She doesn’t distinguish what type of single mom and just lumps us altogether as a negative influence upon our children and society. What in the world is her problem?

Going to the Inaugural Ball to Represent the Big Y

I have been invited to the Ohio Gala at the Mayflower Hotel on January 18th and to the Midwestern States Inaugural Ball on the 20th. These next two weeks are all about preparation. Not only do I plan on preparing what I’ll wear and do, I plan on plugging Youngstown in a positive way to any officials I meet. (having blog issues again - body of blog will show up some day)