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I’ve spent the summer months gardening, cleaning, fixing and running around after a toddler. By the evening time to blog, one just becomes too exhausted to think straight. Now that the summer is drawing to a close, I'm making time to write again.

I've been trying to go the natural route in cleaning which does have some cost savings benefits. But, I have to say, I still love my bleach. I’ve also found some great websites for cost saving ideas which will help with the coming back-to-school frenzy. For potty training, stain removal (from whites), cleaning the floors and disinfecting, I still stand by my bleach. I have been trying to segue into the natural cleaners since having my daughter. I will say that I love the white vinegar and water all purpose spray as well as home made wood cleaners with vinegar and water. But, sorry my fellow holistic mommies, nothing cleans like bleach when it comes to the ucky stuff. Now that we are in a successful potty training mode, it is rather nasty when your child doesn’t understand not to touch everything around a toilet. I am all about spraying bleach cleansers (with door closed and window opened) to clean down child and parent toilets. I just can’t imagine using white vinegar and water for these.

However, I did find a wonderful website for other natural ideas and ideas to extend the life of products we purchase on This site is amazing. I found out that by adding white vinegar to my fabric softeners not only do I extend the life but I save money by doing so (plus my clothes are very soft afterwards). Cut a fabric sheet in two, and save even more bucks (there are even recipes to make your own but I don’t have the time for that). Check out this site for gardening and canning advice, too!

Summer sale season is here! Not only are garage sales at every corner (or so it seems), all our retailers are clearing out the summer inventory. Stock up now! One pretty much has to regularly go to Target and other retailers (you will find clearance on the end of the aisle) and score the best deals. I grab more rather than less, look over my finds and return what I don’t need at a later time (keep receipts). It is back-to-school season but now is the time to buy basics that you will need for our very short-lived summer season (at least this year – what was up with that?). Word to the wise – purchase only sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients. They will still work next year (don’t open them) and these ingredients are healthier and safer to use than the others.

The Cleveland-Area kid’s resale events will be starting again this fall (usually in October). I’ll post the information when their website is updated. Other sites to watch: Don’t forget to register on your favorite store and brand sites! Even our local retailers have sites and will send you coupons or give you the heads up on a forthcoming sale.

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