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Summer Camp 4 Kids Means Sanity for Parents

I'm sure there are parents of children of all ages out there debating summer vacations this year. We all are reading about "staycations". What better way for parents to truly get a break but to have their children at a great, local summer camp? Kids get to exert pent up energy and parents get to fix up the house or just relax.

Spring Cleaning Au Naturel

It is almost time to open up the windows, let in the fresh air and clean up our homes after a long, cold winter season. Since having my daughter, I've become more and more aware of the chemicals that are in cleaning products. The baby books tell one to crawl around on the ground to see what is at a child's eye level when baby proofing a house. It leads one to think "Hmm, my child will be touching the floor, eating things lying around and gnawing on furniture. Areas that I'm cleaning with chemicals!" It doesn't take much to begin reading the ingredients on any cleaning product before you see "Warning! Do not ingest! Do not put near eyes/skin/animals!" Wow. If these ingredients are so bad, why would I want them around the most precious, priceless thing in my life?