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Becoming a mom is like any new project – you try to plan to the best of your abilities, then life gets in the way.  It starts with the pregnancy part – you get all the books you can to prepare yourself - just to find that, at the last moment, important little details are omitted.  There’s no predicting what may come your way with motherhood.  The projects are immense in quantity and importance. As a mom, you are always re-creating yourself to be a cook, doctor, artist, comedian, entertainer, repair person, gardener, masseuse, personal shopper - the list could go on and on of the projects you are doing, making or becoming.  Wonderful things and experiences are created out of nothing.  Everything is either a project or becomes a project (in the sarcastic sense, too).  We try to have it all, be all and be true to ourselves.  It is exhausting, rewarding and nothing can prepare you for the intensity and wonder of it all.  Welcome to Project Mom.

Join in this discussion forum open to all women – after all, women are often nurturing someone or something from taking care of our elder parents, giving therapy-like advice to friends or mothering our beloved pets.  Come join in the fun and the exchanging of ideas, advice (and gossip)!  Motherhood is just one facet of being a woman and don’t we have tons to discuss right now?!

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