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‘Tis the Season to Bash Youngstown

A friend alerted me to a video regarding Youngstown reported by International News French24. They filmed the worst areas of Youngstown and continue the bashing that Forbes magazine started with giving us the name of “#2 most dying city in the U.S.” and then came along that lovely article in Rolling Stone magazine where two criminals were the source for a perspective on Youngstown. Oh, and I've noticed that CNN and other media outlets will choose the worst angles to film the city, too. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m sick of this representation by the media and their unbalanced treatment of Youngstown. Then again, we do a bit of our own bashing right here.

Slow down – it’s a school zone!

We all say that we want our children protected from all types of dangers. But, do we all slow down in school zones? Not from what I've been seeing around town.

Finding Organic Food in Youngstown

Ever since becoming pregnant and having a child, I purchase more and more organic food. Now, I haven’t gone all crunchy-granola and still love my share of non-organic staples but have found a way to get what is most important organically. I admit it was a culture shock to not have my Whole Foods Market on every corner when I returned to the big Y and started quizzing friends and family on where to find organic food. As a result, I’ve been tracking down all sorts of great ways to find organic food to buy here. Feel free to tell me where you find organic, too.

Surviving Manhattan with a 2 Year Old

Sure, I'd love to debate politics all day long but my blog is about having children and life just the same. I'm still adjusting to living back in Youngstown but my love affair with NYC will never leave. I'm teaching my daughter early on the joys of hanging out in Manhattan like a true New Yorker. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about maneuvering this great city with kids.