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I’m sure I’ll be attacked for admitting that I’m a food snob.  Go for it.  My family has been saying it for years since I decided to cook my own meals in high school out of caloric concerns.  Don’t think I’m that high falutin’.  It’s just I have been spoiled by living in areas where there is a vast selection of multi-ethnic food at various price points (it all began at Ohio State with my first taste of real burritos, sushi and Chinese food).  I do have my area favorites like Alladin’s (over-priced a little in my opinion), Café Capri (definitely on the high end for my budget) and the superb Bread Chef (organic pastries and scrumptious Vietnamese goodies).  Still, I haven’t found many places that serve anything with truffle oil until Tapazza which has a heavenly pizza drizzled in the elixir of the gods.  Plus, they allow me to bring my own wine for my dinner and, thus, save a great deal of money.  I love that!  I am so saddened to learn that they are shutting down the menu and name “Tapazza”.  I was so excited that a tapas restaurant had moved into my neighborhood and could help revitalize it.  What makes me even more aggrieved is the fact that it is becoming ANOTHER BBQ restaurant.  Ugh.  Why oh why doesn’t anything unique and faintly cool last here?  Join me in a collective moment of silence for Tapazza (I know there are many fans out there).  And, I implore Nunzio & Lorenzo Scordo to re-open Tapazza again (or send me the recipe for that awesome pizza with truffle oil). ;)

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