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My Pomegranate Addiction (Thanksgiving Style)

I grew up eating pomegranates - the wonderfully healthy and now trendy fruit. My father introduced them to me at a young age just like his Neapolitan parents did for him. Every winter, they were a standard in our house just like chestnuts, mixed nuts and citrus fruits. Who knew that this fruit, it’s juice and it’s fragrance would be such a huge trend for foods and beauty back then? All I know is that I admit to having an addiction to the fruit and only wish I could grow a tree or two in my backyard to feed my insatiable appetite for them.

Tapazza R.I.P.

I admit it. I’m a food snob. It has been a challenge for me to find reasonably priced good food in Youngstown. On the other hand, I've had to learn how to cook my faves rather than rely on takout. Then, an oasis in the dessert called “Tapazza” opened. Unfortunately, it is closing on Monday just to re-open as a BBQ joint. What the . . . ?

What to Do with the Kids when Winter Arrives

It seems our Indian summer has ended. Once again, it has become too cold to go to the park or send the kids outside. I’m sure what is uppermost on most mom’s minds is “What am I going to do to keep my child from destroying my house and keep my sanity?” I’m here to give you some advice about where to take the kids when they start climbing the walls and removing the pots and pans out of the cupboards as you hide in a corner, pulling your hair out (and that includes me). ;)

Right Now, I Am Proud to Be an American

Yes, similar words were said by our new First Lady, Michelle Obama, but I could completely relate. Having worked long, hard hours on the last two Democratic presidential campaigns just to experience loss at questionable means and seeing all the inroads the Clinton administration made for women, minorities, the environment and global relations, completely dismantled by the Republicans - I am overjoyed by tonight's election of President Barack Obama. We should all be proud that we have the honor to participate in such a process and to see such momentous change in our history.