How does YSU's roster look entering training camp?


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Here's a roster breakdown that was published in Sunday's Vindicator.

One correction: I had QB Jeff Clegg listed under running backs and RB Lawrence Hughes listed as a returning RB (rather than an incoming RB). Also, I'm told Dom Rich has the edge for the Sam linebacker spot right now.

Those are corrected below.

Returning starters: 11
Projected starter: Junior Kurt Hess.
Other returnees: Sophomore Patrick Angle; redshirt freshman Dante Nania.
Incoming: Freshman Nick Wargo and Jeff Clegg
Outlook: Hess was a first-team all-conference player last fall and should be the best QB in the conference. Angle is the clear-cut No. 2 and looked improved in the spring.
Running backs
Projected starter: Senior Jamaine Cook.
Other returnees: Juniors Torrian Pace and Adaris Bellamy; redshirt freshmen Demond Hymes and John Medina
Incoming: Freshman Lawrence Hughes.
Outlook: This unit took a hit with Jordan Thompson’s departure (grades) and a possible medical redshirt for Bellamy, who suffered a knee injury in the spring. Pace had a strong offseason and will battle Hymes for the backup spot. Cook should be one of the best two RBs in the conference along with Indiana State’s Shakir Bell.
Receivers/tight ends
Projected starters: Junior WRs Jelani Berassa and Kevin Watts; sophomore WR Christian Bryan; senior TE Will Shaw.
Other returnees: Sophomore WRs Kintrell Disher, Andrew Williams, Brandon Thomas, Justin Getz and Antwaun Williams; redshirt freshman WR Andre Stubbs; senior TE Carson Sharbaugh, sophomore TE Nate Adams; redshirt freshman TE Jordan Markota.
Incoming: Redshirt freshman WR Marcel Caver; freshman WRs Michael Wheary and Davon Reed; freshman TE Jordan Feeser
Outlook: A deep and talented unit. Offensive coordinator Shane Montgomery likes to use multiple-receiver sets so there should be plenty of receptions to go around. Shaw and Stubbs should be major weapons.
Offensive line
Projected starters: Senior Ts Andrew Radakovich and D.J. Main, senior G Lamar Mady, senior C Mark Pratt, junior G Chris Elkins.
Other returnees: Junior T Andrew Sinko; junior G Fred Herdman, sophomore T J.P. May; sophomore C Stephen Page
Incoming: Junior T Kyle Bryant; freshmen Ts Christian Wilson and Dylan Colucci; junior G Dana Harris; freshmen Gs Mason Giacomelli and Brock Eisenhuth; freshman C Mac Wightman
Outlook: A couple departures, including T Brandon Ferguson, hurt this unit’s depth but the starting unit could be the strength of the team. Elkins and Pratt are preaseason all-conference picks.
Returning starters: 6
Defensive line
Projected starters: Senior DTs Aronde Stanton and Nick DeKraker, senior DE Josh Fenderson.
Other returnees: Senior DEs Luis Quinones and Chuck Lengyel; junior DE Randall Gillum; redshirt freshman DE Trevor Strickland; junior DT D.J. Moss; redshirt freshmen DTs Steve Zaborsky, Emmanuel Kromah and Eric Myers.
Incoming: Freshman DE Terrell Williams; junior DTs Kyle Sirl, Brandon Johnson and Brandon Davis; freshmen DTs Matt Bell, Austin Trgovich and Anthony Szymczak
Outlook: Stanton is entering his second season but it feels like he’s been here for years. He’s a vocal and productive leader, two things YSU’s defense needs. Could be a weakness early but there’s talent and depth in the lower classes. Just needs time to develop.
Projected starters: Senior Dom Rich; sophomores Teven Williams and Travis Williams.
Other returnees: Junior Ali Cheaib; junior Cy Edison; sophomore Dubem Nwadiogbu; freshman Terry Johnson
Incoming: Redshirt freshman Justin Yuran; freshmen LB Donte Harvey, Kevon Caffey and Chavien Nolcox
Outlook: Travis and Teven Williams played well as freshmen and should form the defense’s strength. Cheaib was the starter exiting spring ball but he should face competition.
Defensive backs
Projected starters: Junior safeties Jeremey Edwards and Josh Garner; sophomore CB Julius Childs.
Other returnees: Senior CB Deionte Williams; junior Ss Chris Charles and Twin Fernandes; sophomore CBs Devont’a Davis, Parnell Taylor, Jimmy May Jr., Jamarious Boatwright and Donald D’Alesio; redshirt freshman CB Nick Buonavolonta
Incoming: Junior CBs Dale Peterman, Ricardo Dixon and Quamane Bryant; freshman Ss Khlique Harris, Jameel Smith and David Rivers
Outlook: With sophomore CB Brandon Neal departing after earning the job in the spring, there’s more questions than answers in this unit. Talent and numbers aren’t the problem but expect the coaches to use a lot of different combinations in camp. Boatwright and D’Alesio are back after medical redshirts. Starters are written in pencil at this point.
Projected starters: Junior P Nick Liste, senior K David Brown, sophomore LS Nathan Gibbs, KR/PR Stubbs
Outlook: Thanks to NCAA changes, kickers will now kick off from the 35 (instead of the 30) with touchbacks moving to the 25 (from the 20). Considering YSU’s atrocious kickoff coverage in the Wolford era, this is a welcome change. While Liste has kicked well, the rest of these units need to improve. Stubbs can be a game-changer.

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